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Jarvis Square Music and Arts Fest Recap

This past weekend we set up shop at the Jarvis Square Music and Arts Fest in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. We had a super fun time and met lots of great new people. There was yummy food and drinks too. My booth was set up right in front of this awesome pizza spot and a space just down from me had lentil patties and nicely seasoned cabbage. Of course I had some. Also the tent across from me had sangria and margaritas. Had those too :) I balanced this out with water and salad. Thanks again to everyone that stopped by our space!      

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Welcome to the new KWD Blog!

Heeyyyyy! So I'm starting a blog on the shop site! I went back and forth a bit with this idea, especially since I already have KWD FB and IG pages. However, this will be a bit different because it'll be a bit more behind the scenes and lifestyle oriented.  I've used Tumblr and Blogspot in the past and was recently debating Wordpress. However, I figured it would be nice to have my blog on the same site as my shop. Nice and simple!   (This photo is from the first Wakandacon in 2018. We had a booth and it was so much fun!)

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